Makeup is a Passion, Fashion is the Soul
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The Essentials to Makeup Application™

This workshop is designed to make you aware of the basics, as it pertains to makeup application.  In this workshop, we will cover the 3 important elements of the face.  In addition, we will show you how to be fearless with makeup and the proper tools for application. 

Makeup 101™

Makeup is an excellent way to boost your self-esteem and to enhance your image.  However, proper application and color selection is essential to obtaining a flawless look.  The Makeup 101 workshop is a hands-on course that will teach you the following:

1. Skincare maintenance, repair and prevention.
2. Choosing the correct makeup colors.
3. Makeup Application.
4. Blending and Staying Power. 

Makeup 101 (Advanced)™

The advanced workshop of Makeup 101 is simply fabulous!  We will create more dramatic looks and discuss the art of "the contour."  How do you feel about your eyelashes?  We will show you how to take your lashes to another level.  In addition, we will help you to showcase your best feature.  This session is not for the amateur and fearful one.  You will have to leave those traits at the door. 

Don't Make Me Over™

Girl, do you!  You love the way that your makeup looks and you have nailed your application techniques.  We want to help you take it to another level.  Possibly, there is an easier or faster way.  We will help you to enhance your image and your finished look will be amazing (even for you).