Makeup is a Passion, Fashion is the Soul
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Wardrobe Essentials™

This session is designed to teach the student how to build a core wardrobe.   The student will learn the following: 

1. The essential elements of a wardrobe.
2. Selecting the appropriate colors.
3. Building upon an existing wardrobe.

This workshop will help you to make shopping and dressing a pleasant experience.  You will discover new ways to enhance your image.  It is important for you to feel good about yourself and to be confident.

Turn Your Beauty Inside Out ™

This seminar will help you discover why it is important to enhance your inner beauty.  Your inner beauty is a key factor to enhancing your total image.  Why does your inner beauty impact our outer beauty?  How can you balance your beauty and turn it inside out?

What Does Your Closet Say About You? ™

This seminar will help you to determine your true fashion personality.  Once you are aware of your fashion personality, you will be able to make better wardrobe choices.  Does your present wardrobe reflect your true personality?  Awareness is energy and we want you to be inspired by revealing your true self.  When was the last time your closet told the truth?

Color Analysis 101™

What is color analysis?  Color Analysis is a process that determines what colors will harmonize best with a person's individual color scheme.  Everyone knows they look better in some colors, but some do not understand the concept. When you know how to choose the correct colors for your wardrobe and makeup, your image will be enhanced in many ways.