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Lashes! Lashes!

Well, they say the eyes are the window(s) to the soul.  False eyelashes are here to stay!  I fondly remember an ex-manager from M.A.C. stating, "I wear eyelashes everyday and eventually, I expect each one of you to do the same."  I could not help but wonder....  How?  When?  Why?  Who?  WHAT!!!!???  False eyelashes, everyday?  Well, it took be back to an episode at an Image Session in Brooklyn, NY.  My F.I.T. friend's sister had on false lashes and she told me that she put them on....everyday. She had been wearing them for over 20 years.   Wow!  Everyday?  False eyelashes?  Well, I am now a victim of the false eyelash crew.  I wear false "strip" eyelashes, everyday.  Well, if I do not feel like applying them.... I just put on the Gucci shades (they work,  just as well).  I cannot begin to tell you about the instant face lift, eye lift, image boost, etc.  Fabulous!  I am in love with false eyelashes.  The late Tammy Faye, rest in peace, was also a supporting fan.  She will always be known for her courage and inspiration, but those lashes..... they tell the story. 

Janocye- iknowfaces Founder

False Strip Eyelashes Application:  $25.00

The false strip eyelashes are temporary and will last for a day (possibly longer, after a late night out)

Individual False Eyelashes:  $40.00

The individual false eyelashes last approximately 2 weeks.

Eyelash Extensions:  Consultation required

The eyelash extensions last approximately 2-3 months.   A deposit is needed, to ensure the appointment is secure.